Please sir, mix a lot!

Shouts from the Abyss

“I’ll have my emotions shaken, not stirred.”

I really don’t know why I just said that. I’m just trying to be punny. But one thing I do often like to do is invent my own drinks. Yes, I like to dabble in the mixology arts.

I’d have to say my favorite hard liquor is easily tequila, hands down. I love the stuff. I spent significant amounts of time on the U.S. border and Tijuana was a frequent haunt for me. And I’d occasionally venture as far south into Baja California as Ensenda, Mexico, home of the world famous Hussong’s Cantina. I even passed out drunk on the floor in that cantina once. Probably not the best or wisest place to lose control of one’s person and faculties, but hey, I survived.

When it comes to tequilas a personal favorite is Tarantula Azul. It’s a blue-tinted tequila flavored with “a…

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IKEA the Light

Shouts from the Abyss

ikeaBeing new to the big city, my wife and I ran off last night and did something that officially baptized us as seasoned big city denizens. Nothing in this city will ever hold our wonder again.

Laws, yes. M-O-O-N. That’s spells IKEA. And what a sight it was to behold. In fact, I’m going to do my best to document the experience from the perspective of all five senses. Yes, all five! It’s a lofty goal. Let’s see how I do.

After consulting the texts of ancient lore (Google) we determined that we’d have to drive through about 10 miles of urban jungle in areas we had never explored before. This was going to be something new. I packed my machete just in case we saw any urbane gorillas.

At first we worried we might get lost, but while still about 42 miles away, the shape of IKEA loomed large…

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Inspirational Geek

It’s not everyday that something really makes me go “wow”, but today was one of those days.  The Windcatcher Air Pad.

Using “rapid inflation technology” the Windcatcher Air Pad inflates in seconds with no power or pumping required.  It’s as much remarkable as it is impressive to watch it in action.

It is so impressive in fact that it looks like it ought not to be real.  However, it simply comes down to the basic scientific principles of nature.

Harnessing the power of air entrainment, which occurs when a turbulent flow (your initial breath of air into the Air Pad) captures a non-turbulent flow (the surrounding air), it mixes the surrounding air to amplify your breath and essentially turn it into one giant ” breath of air”.

It’s something I’m sure we have all experienced, and, since we are now slap bang in the middle of festival season

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Fascinating new polls reveal why Egyptians are turning on Morsi & Muslim Brotherhood.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Egypt-flag(Jerusalem, Israel) — It’s been an extraordinary week here in the epicenter. As the bloody civil war intensifies in Syria, Egypt is now on the verge of civil war. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen. But two fascinating new polls reveal shed light on why the Egyptian people are turning on President Mohammad Morsi and calling for Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood regime to be removed from power.

“An opinion poll has revealed that 73% of Egyptians believe President Morsi did not make a single good decision during his first year in office, while 63% believe their standard of living has worsened,” reports Al Ahram, the Egyptian news agency. “The telephone poll, conducted by Baseera for Al-Hayat TV network, asked 2069 Egyptians aged between 20 and 23 for their views on the president.”

“Seventeen percent believe his worst decision was over the Nile dam crisis, while 8% believe it was the November…

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