Please sir, mix a lot!

Shouts from the Abyss

“I’ll have my emotions shaken, not stirred.”

I really don’t know why I just said that. I’m just trying to be punny. But one thing I do often like to do is invent my own drinks. Yes, I like to dabble in the mixology arts.

I’d have to say my favorite hard liquor is easily tequila, hands down. I love the stuff. I spent significant amounts of time on the U.S. border and Tijuana was a frequent haunt for me. And I’d occasionally venture as far south into Baja California as Ensenda, Mexico, home of the world famous Hussong’s Cantina. I even passed out drunk on the floor in that cantina once. Probably not the best or wisest place to lose control of one’s person and faculties, but hey, I survived.

When it comes to tequilas a personal favorite is Tarantula Azul. It’s a blue-tinted tequila flavored with “a…

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